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Turning environmental challenges into sustainable solutions

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Commodity Commercialisation

We specialise in the commercialisation of commodities. We partner up knowledge and technological resources to connect global manufacturers and producers to markets around the world.

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Environmental Consultancy

We offer a wide range of capabilities, from strategy and policy development to planning for the design, procurement and management of environment projects. We enable clients to incorporate sustainability into their strategies, projects and operations.

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Sustainable Tourism Consultancy & Marketing

Assisting destinations and companies in the tourism sector to take steps towards a more responsible approach when planning the use of tourist assets and defining their marketing strategies.

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Environment Education

We create educational programs and events for the community that raise awareness and promote change towards the preservation and enhancement of the environment.

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What We Do


We provide expertise in environmental projects and waste management – including commercialization of commodities, tourism and environmental education.

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About Us

Headquartered in London but with international reach and experience, we have over 20 years’ specialist experience in the technical consulting sector.

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We work with companies and institutions in a variety of sectors, including local government, tourism, education, software consultancy and WEEE recycling.

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